Women Private Investigators

Here at Sherlock Investigations, we are incredibly proud of our women private investigators and the care they take to ensure each case they work is helping our clients and utilizing their unique perspective to solve problems. In celebration of March as Women’s History Month and March 8th as International Women’s Day, we decided to take Women Private Investigators

Social Media Authentication Myths

Metadata capture versus the authentication of social media Could you explain this to the judge in your case? There is no more simplistic way to put this into words, so here it goes; just because you can capture the hash values of a social media post does not mean you have identified where or when an Social Media Authentication Myths

Last Month in Surveillance

April was another of those fun months regarding surveillance.  With the weather warming up, as expected, so did claimant activity, collectively.  Apparently, recreational venues don’t seem to bother some injuries as much as, let’s say, working a full-time job, but I digress.  The war stories continue… One case, near the very beginning of the month, Last Month in Surveillance

Sherlock Investigations: Tricks of the Surveillance Trade – Bodashia

Sherlock Investigation’s Tricks of the Trade Investigator Bodashia Grimm has returned with more experience to divulge! Bodashia continues to pay it forward by organizing charitable events such as our company’s participation in the Polar Plunge for the Special Olympics and by representing the company at recruiting events. Her bright personality and alluring smile make Sherlock Sherlock Investigations: Tricks of the Surveillance Trade – Bodashia