Our Approach to Private Investigations

Partnership, Not Transactions

At Sherlock Investigations, we focus our attention on winning your trust for years, not simply on being selected for today’s investigative assignment. We provide our client’s with a strategic, long-term approach to improving their investigative outcomes, enhancing the quantity and quality of information needed for accurate claims decisions, improving claims metrics and ratios and providing consistently better investigative risk management. Any private investigator can promote themselves and the new trick of the day, but very few can consistently deliver the consistent, reliable and safe investigations that Sherlock does.

Stewardship and Professionalism

Just as the operational aspects of your claims department or defense firm require continuous analysis, application of controls, professional oversight and iron clad adherence to ethical business practices, we at Sherlock believe that our role must mirror those and, whenever possible, enhance them. We understand our responsibility as your agents to protect your interests while simultaneously respecting the law and the rights of others during the course of our work.

Big Picture Focus

We are aware that as a strategic partner, we are helping you to achieve your long and short term organizational goals, not just to complete an assignment. As we strive to grow in harmony with our client’s, we can continually help to reduce their investigative costs and add more value to each claim. Investigative priorities as well as big picture goals change over time and Sherlock is sophisticated and flexible enough to shift with you while making those transitions as painless as possible. Your goals and rules come before ours, every time.

We realize that each client has a unique culture, unique approach to claims and unique objectives. We aim to understand all of those dynamics ad to formulate a unique service strategy for you that translates to completely optimized claims investigations not available elsewhere in the industry.

What Clients are Saying

  • Paul Dank and Sherlock are top notch for any investigative needs. They provide great value for the money spent and have provided me with outstanding results. Highly recommended.

  • Paul and his staff are very professional in their approach to servicing their clients – effecient, communicative and goal oriented. Sherlock has obtained some fantastic results that have led to quick and favorable claim resolutions

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