Clinic Investigations

In Michigan, as in most other large cities in America today, the new relationship between a sect of trail attorneys and medical clinics has created a multi-billion dollar loss for carriers in the form of billing for nonexistent patients, fabricated services, nonexistent injuries and unnecessary medical treatment. As one of the few remaining PIP states, Michigan is ripe from fraud under the no-fault act, with some of our clients reporting litigated PIP files increasing 1,000% in the last six years alone. In this environment, the lion’s share of the losses now comes from abusive medical providers and attorneys.

To combat this endless stream of bills, carriers are smart to look to Sherlock Investigations.

Clinic Inspections

There is no substitute for having an experienced investigator go onsite and inspect these clinics first hand. In our visit our team will canvass the entire facility, cataloging the capacity, staff and positions, medical equipment (including make, model and serial number and working condition) and advertising materials. We then gather records of licenses, sign in sheets, appointment records, patient files and notes and objective testing. We then talk with neighboring businesses about the activity at the clinic. We have a reputation for getting the job done without aggravating the clinic staff and coming back empty handed.

Clinic Surveillance

On larger scope cases, Sherlock is well versed on designing and fulfilling long term cilin surveillance. Our investigators will document the employee and patient activities, memorializing each person entering and exiting and the duration they are inside. We are also well aware of the potential for counter surveillance and provide a risk assessment of the project before it begins. Upon completion, our team of investigators is well prepared to testify in a civil or criminal capacity.

What Clients are Saying

  • Paul Dank and Sherlock are top notch for any investigative needs. They provide great value for the money spent and have provided me with outstanding results. Highly recommended.

  • Paul and his staff are very professional in their approach to servicing their clients – effecient, communicative and goal oriented. Sherlock has obtained some fantastic results that have led to quick and favorable claim resolutions

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