Executive Staff

Paul Dank – President


Paul is the President of Sherlock Investigations and manages the firm’s business and investigative operations. Paul began working with Sherlock as a consultant in 1994 and eventually took and full time position in management and ultimately purchased the agency in 2001. After completing his post graduate studies in business administration at Wayne State University, Paul worked at KPMG in the assurance practice where he focused on clients in the insurance industry. After leaving KPMG he worked for a consulting practice which included his initial work with Sherlock Investigations that ultimately lead to his joining the agency full time.

Paul is well versed in risk management and claims handling and has developed specialized services to serve niche groups within the insurance claims industry.

Dan Klimek – Vice President


Dan Klimek began work for Sherlock Investigations in 2005 and since that time has performed nearly every professional function within the company. Dan currently oversees all investigative operations for the company, including all surveillance engagements throughout the country. He is a committed member of ASIS and is currently an active board member with the MCPI. Dan is an expert in the field of skip tracing and internet profiling and frequently provides training on these topics to investigators, students and the insurance industry. Dan believes that the key to any investigation is having the tenacity to overcome investigative roadblocks and to have the knowhow to change direction when necessary.

Mr. Klimek received his undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement from Ferris State University and his graduate education in Intelligence Analysis at the University of Detroit Mercy. Dan is well trained in human and signal intelligence gathering, and since receiving advanced certification from the Reid School of Interviewing and Interrogation, has put to practice these skills on hundreds of cases. Dan is also an adjunct Criminal Justice instructor at Baker College, where he shares his knowledge of the field with students looking for careers in law enforcement and criminal justice.

Adam Groth – Complex Claims Manager


Adam Groth is currently a professional investigator at Sherlock Investigations, Inc of Clinton Township, MI specializing in insurance fraud investigation. Adam attended the University of Detroit Mercy and received his Bachelors in Mathematics with a minor in Chemistry and has since returned to pursue his Masters in Intelligence Analysis. Adam has been working in the investigative world for over two years now and is currently studying for the Certified Fraud Examiner Exam.

Brian K. Coykendall – Managing Surveillance Investigator


Brian K. Coykendall is a veteran investigator now acting as Managing Surveillance Investigator. Brian has served in every position within the Surveillance Division and oversees training and quality assurance for the team. Brian works on large loss investigations, large scale team surveillance assignments and a variety of special projects in the Michigan region.

Brian’s prior experience stems from the core values and discipline instilled during his four year tenure in the United States Marine Corps. He also pushed himself into a leadership role at a land survey company where comprehension of the principles of land law and flawless execution were paramount. He would later transfer that initiative, enduring motivation and precise attention to detail to the field of professional investigation.

Brian has studied higher level education at Kirtland Community College, Campbell University, University of Maryland (Asian Division) and carried over a number of vocational credits from The Marine Corps Institute. He studied criminal justice for one year at KCC before focusing his attention away from police work and into the field of professional investigation. Currently, Brian is a member of the Michigan Council of Professional Investigators and continues to study and improve on his career goals.

McKenna Moore – Michigan Surveillance Team Manager


McKenna joined Sherlock Investigations in 2021 and now manages the company’s Michigan surveillance operations department. She leads an extensive team of professional surveillance investigators and office-based support staff.

McKenna has a wealth of experience communicating with clients to ensure their surveillance investigative needs are met, in addition to exceeding their expectations.  

Prior to her current role, McKenna was a data collections expert; in social media exploitation, Open-Source intelligence (OSINT) collection and analysis, in addition to mastering the human intelligence element. McKenna specializes in management of insurance defense surveillance, while continuing to assist the data collection team.  Her tenacity has added tremendous value to each and every Michigan surveillance file that she manages.  

McKenna is a graduate of Grand Valley State University with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. Prior to her tenure at Sherlock, McKenna gained valuable experience while working as an intern with local law enforcement agencies.

Mike Schesnuk – Senior Investigator


Mike has been with Sherlock Investigations since 2018, where he began his career working as an inside-investigator on Sherlock’s fraud investigation team. His specialties include financial background and asset searches, due diligence, and OSINT (open-source intelligence) assisting clients with real-time intelligence gathering and preservation for evidentiary purposes as they relate to claims investigations. Mike has also mastered human intelligence gathering for skip tracing and location purposes, making him a leading member of the team by both training and onboarding new employees. In addition, he leads by researching, developing, and implementing new tactics and techniques for investigators to add to their toolboxes.

Prior to Mike’s employment at Sherlock Investigations, he attended the University of Detroit Mercy achieving both bachelor’s and master’s degree through an accelerated five-year program in Intelligence Analysis. Mike brings experience as a mentor, teacher, and grant coordinator to the table through his previous work experience with diverse groups of students and faculty in higher education. Outside of work, you can catch Mike on the golf course in the summer and on the ski slopes in the winter.  

Brittany Piotrowski – Investigator


Brittany joined Sherlock Investigations in 2018 and is one of the company’s senior investigators with extensive experience in insurance defense and high-level due diligence background investigations. She also works directly with a variety of clients, including many of the most prominent insurance defense law firms in Michigan.

Brittany is a data collections expert; specializing in Open-Source intelligence (OSINT) collection and analysis and gathering human intelligence. Brittany actively manages challenging civil and criminal investigations on behalf of Sherlock and the first point of contact for many of our clients on challenging new cases that require actual investigative expertise and execution.

Brittany is a graduate of Madonna University with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. Prior to working with Sherlock, Brittany was an intern working with local law enforcement agencies where she gained valuable experience working with the public and how to problem solve in unique situations. Brittany had also had a career in the financial services industry, where she first developed her passion for investigative work.

What Clients are Saying

  • Paul and his staff are very professional in their approach to servicing their clients – effecient, communicative and goal oriented. Sherlock has obtained some fantastic results that have led to quick and favorable claim resolutions

  • Paul Dank and Sherlock are top notch for any investigative needs. They provide great value for the money spent and have provided me with outstanding results. Highly recommended.

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