Perhaps the keystone of our industry…surveillance…is what Sherlock Investigations does best. Videotaped evidence of a claimant’s true activities is the best way to refute an exaggerated claim. Unfortunately, most insurance claims investigators provide this service, but lack the skills, training and expertise needed to get the important film when it counts the most. That’s where Sherlock Investigations comes in!

Our Insurance clients know that unlike many other private investigators, planning is the biggest component in our success. Without a good understanding of the claim and the claimant along with an intelligently designed plan for the surveillance, the odds of getting complete evidence of the claimants activities is slim and the surveillance becomes nothing more than a fishing expedition.

Another important aspect to a successful surveillance often over looked by our competitors is our commitment to not limiting our surveillance to what can be seen from inside a car. All of our operatives are equipped with state-of-the-art long-range and hidden video cameras. In other circumstances drop cameras (either in an empty vehicle, trailer or hidden alongside a road in public domain) are utilized to supplement our surveillance and develop evidence while keeping costs minimized. These tools give us the ability to observe activity inside a subject’s place of work, in remote rural areas, at the mall and nearly everywhere else they can go.

Lastly, our surveillance investigators have more than skills, training and experience in conducting surveillance. They are also trained in trail testimony and giving depositions. This exposure allows them to present their evidence and procedures without being under the effect of the duress that opposing counsel will try and create.

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Our areas of expertise in surveillance include the following:

  • Bodily Injury Claims
  • Attendant Care
  • PIP
  • Workers Compensation Claims
  • Long and Short Term Disability Claims
  • Public Liability Claims

What Clients are Saying

  • Paul and his staff are very professional in their approach to servicing their clients – effecient, communicative and goal oriented. Sherlock has obtained some fantastic results that have led to quick and favorable claim resolutions

  • Paul Dank and Sherlock are top notch for any investigative needs. They provide great value for the money spent and have provided me with outstanding results. Highly recommended.

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