Women Private Investigators

Here at Sherlock Investigations, we are incredibly proud of our women private investigators and the care they take to ensure each case they work is helping our clients and utilizing their unique perspective to solve problems.

In celebration of March as Women’s History Month and March 8th as International Women’s Day, we decided to take a look back and see how women started in our field and which investigators inspired our female private investigators to choose this career path.

Widely regarded as the first female detective in the United States of America was Kate Warne of the Pinkerton Detective Agency.  She knew that ladies were often overlooked and could actually gain the trust of other women to learn the information she needed.  Kate Warne was a hardworking woman who was assisting with undercover operations during the Civil War long before women could be police officers, investigators, and many other careers.  Some of the skills she developed continue to be used by the Pinkerton Detective Agency to this day.  That’s a great legacy we can only hope to live up to.

As women private investigators, standing out in a male-dominated field drives us to be the best we can be.  The challenges we overcome help us and our company to be the best in the business.  Let’s take a look to see who inspired some of our female investigators to work in this profession:

Veronica Mars

While this fictional teenage female detective is a bit comical, there are elements that actually carry over to the professional world.  Jeanine from our surveillance investigative team cites the show as an inspiration for her career in the investigations field because the lead character often plays the overlooked female role to get confessions and blend into a variety of situations.  The television show definitely fit into the “teen drama” category, but it brought a strong female character to the center of an investigation without compromising her integrity or hardly ever forcing her to resort to violent measures to get a case solved.

Olivia Pope

In the television show, Scandal, the character plays a lawyer who digs into people’s backgrounds to “find the dirt” on them.  Brittany from our background and research team admits that the main character’s role as the president’s mistress is dramatized, but the premise is what intrigued her.  Olivia Pope is a strong female who dedicates herself to finding a solution to a problem, which is something Brittany relates to.  Each case is unique and finding that information to help clients is what motivates us as investigators.

Erin Brockovich

Kaitlyn from our office administrative team cites the movie character, and the person she is based on, as being inspirational to her in both “looking cute and solving crime”.  Erin Brockovich utilized a variety of skills from legal knowledge to research to empathy.  Finding truth and uncovering fraud is at the heart of what we accomplish here at Sherlock Investigations.  Being an investigator does not necessarily mean that you have a full list of credentials, but definitely requires a passion for the seeking the truth.

Nancy Drew

The original kid detective was a childhood favorite for Chrissy from our process service department and Sarah from office administrative team.  While they may not have known it when they applied for their jobs here at Sherlock, the fictional literary detective gave them a sense of wonder and following the steps to find answers to help people.  Our process service department helps businesses, attorneys, and the general public every day.  The range of cases that Nancy Drew helped people with is just as diverse as both Sarah’s and Chrissy’s caseloads. 

Olivia Benson

Jackie from our pre-employment screening department credits the captain and commanding officer from the television show, Law and Order SVU, as her initial curiosity about the investigations field.  She’s yet another strong female character who is passionate about her field and seeking justice.  So often in this field, investigators lose the emotional investment in each case.  Olivia Benson proves that being tough does not mean being emotionless or apathetic.

The Females in Our Lives

Many of our staff members cite the ladies in their own lives as being their inspiration as investigators.  Samantha C. from our background and research team says some of the most inspiring females she knows are the ones she worked with previously at the Detroit Police Department.  Being surrounded by strong females in leadership roles motivated her to be a great investigator.  On the other hand, Sam S. from our background and research team cites her friend, Brittany, as an inspiration for just narrowing down career options.  After working as a police officer, Sam and her friend narrowed down other fields that could utilize her skill-set and determination.  Ladies supporting ladies is something we can all get behind!

All of our women private investigators at Sherlock are as unique as these characters and provide their own insight to each case they work.  The diverse background, education, and experiences they bring to the table is something that has proven invaluable for our clients and has helped solidify our place as one of the top investigation companies in Michigan.  Thanks for all you do, ladies, and happy Women’s History Month!