With Harsh Winter Over, Insurance Claims Surveillance in Michigan Helps Insurers

After the harsh winter of 2014, everyone in Michigan is happy to be get outside and get back to living a normal life. This includes those who have file a an auto no-fault (pip) claim alleging they sustained injuries in an auto accident. Within that group, some are filing claims alleging they have injuries when the do not. Others within that group are embellishing their claim to “make some money”. Since insurance carriers have very limited ways to tel if someone is actually injured or not, and since Michigan has so much insurance fraud ongoing, many use insurance claims surveillance, conducted my Michigan private investigators, to try and detect fraud and misrepresentations. Sherlock Investigations is a leader in insurance claims surveillance in Michigan. Insurance claims surveillance is one of the the best way to determine if someone is actually injured or not. It is done in public and it does not involve invading anyone’s privacy.