Redlining Accusations Don’t Reduce Real Michigan PIP Fraud Ongoing Daily in Detroit

Although it is clearly a great term to use to get people excited about the possibility of some type of discriminatory insurance practices aimed at hurting residents of Detroit, the stark reality is that Detroit is hotbed of Michigan PIP Fraud, particularly in the areas of fraudulent auto no-fault casualty claims as well as auto theft claims. Insurance carriers don’t care about who buys policies from them. The competition is fierce in the Michigan PIP market place. If you think about it, a ridiculous number of the TV commercials and billboards in Metro-Detroit advertise auto insurance. Even more ridiculous is that greater number of  “Michigan Auto Accident” attorneys looking to help people sue insurance carriers for auto no-fault casualty loses. When one looks at the number of: fraudulent Michigan PIP claims and stolen vehicles in Detroit and combine that with a law enforcement environment that is grossly overburdened and incapable of fighting fraud or theft, the insurance carriers have no choice but to charge more. A whole bunch more.