Locate Investigations separate real private investigators from databases

Although few will admit it, all private investigators are not the same. Yes, anyone can print off an interview questionnaire and ask someone the questions on it and yes anyone can pick up a video camera and film someone, but the mere act of doing these things does not make someone a good investigator any more than having that same person put on a jersey and pick up a basketball and perform like Lebron James. When it comes to insurance claims investigation, the locate investigation is one area where many claim to be good at it, but in reality they have no training and do nothing more than run a couple of databases and go with whatever those report. a professional skip tracer has far more techniques, avenues to explore and resources to tap into, yet each year well intended insurance carriers hire unskilled, generalist private investigators who waste near countless hours and dollars pretending to help by doing nothing more than running these databases.

Sherlock Investigations is a premier insurance claims investigative agency headquartered in metro-Detroit and staffed with a team of highly skilled locate investigation specialists who work nationwide finding claimants, witnesses and insureds. Please visit us at claimspi.com/services/locates/ or call for immediate service.