Property Claims Investigations Begin With Solid Interviews

Property claims fraud is often viewed as a small time or minor variety of insurance fraud. The policy holder inflates the value of this item a bit, adds one of two things to a stolen property claim; whats the harm in that? The reality is that this type of insurance fraud costs everyone to have to pay much higher premiums for coverage each year.

In the extreme, property claims fraud can be committed by someone over and over for a decade as reported in a recent California case where one claimant is alleged to have orchestrated 65 fraudulent insurance claims.

Although supporting documentation like receipts and police reports are important to the property claims investigations process, interviewing, and claimant interview in particular, is the crucial element of a solid property claims investigation. A properly trained investigator with experience in interviewing is needed to ask the right question in the right way.  When neighborhood canvassing is also required during property claims investigations, again interviewing skill and experience is essential to asking the right questions the right way.

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