Insurance Claims Surveillance Nation

A combination of decreasing cost, advancements in camera technology and the dramatic rise in the use of cameras in the public sector is creating a insurance claims surveillance nation. In more cases that ever, privately owned surveillance cameras, those used by businesses and commercial buildings, are recording activity and those recordings are beginning to filter their way into court in casualty claims suits. Shopping malls, hotels and other public spaces are beginning to produce footage of casualty claimants going about their day and demonstrating how they live in places that they might not expect. In a recent case, it was learned through a social media investigation that a claimant was traveling to a resort for a vacation. Immediately after that trip a subpoena was served on the resort and the surveillance footage from the public spaces at the hotel was subpoenaed. That video became insurance claims surveillance used to demonstrate that the claimant could not only walk normally but could also swim, play water polo and even engaging in a limbo contest. As one can imagine, the opportunity for additional public and private cameras to capture useful video only grows, making for us to become an insurance claims surveillance nation.

Sherlock Investigations, Detroit Michigan