Insurance Claims Surveillance Investigators Have Ethical and Moral Obligations Beyond Their Legal Ones

A disturbing news report out of the UK highlights the fact that despite the need to investigate insurance claims, there is also an overriding moral and ethical consideration that comes with the job. Obviously, insurance claims surveillance is designed to be conducted discreetly and when done correctly, the claimant has no idea that they are being watched. This is done in public domain, not in private, so the argument goes that people should not be engaged in activities in public that they don’t wish others to see. Of course, life is not so simple.

In the UK story, a private detective agency, G4S, is alleged to have been hired to watch an adult who has filed a large insurance claim for disabilities incurred in an auto accident. During the course of the surveillance, video was obtained of the claimant and also of her children. Regrettably, the investigator also filmed one of the young children as she changed clothes at the beach. According to reports, the video surveillance was conducted legally, but the actions of the investigator are certainly questionable from a moral and ethical perspective. (Note that we have not seen the video, thankfully, and we have no idea if this happened spontaneously nor if the claimant was part of this video and was the subject of the shot) Understandably, unusual circumstances can lead to filming unusual activity, but all investigators have an obligation to the public and to society at large to protect the rights of innocent third parties and other non-involved parties. We at Sherlock Investigations take our role in insurance claims and our duty as responsible members of society seriously.