Bodily Injury Claims Investigations Should Always Be Part Of Valuation

In Michigan bodily injury claims underwent some dramatic changes approximately ten years ago when the State enacted tort reforms. Those reforms were designed to raise the standard for one to bring a bodily injury (or 3rd party) claim against another driver. The thought process for the State was that Michigan’s PIP benefit system covers most injuries and the need to seek additional benefits from the other driver was only necessary in the most extreme types of injuries.

When a bodily injury claim is filed and the supporting documentation is received, a permanent disability meeting the threshold must be demonstrated. Unfortunately, some of those “permanent” disabilities are not easy to see and can be faked. The adjuster then reviews the medical expense calculations, attendant care and household assistance bills (which often requires there own specialized investigation to determine if they are necessary or actually being provided), lost income is calculated, add in the lost social-family-educational experiences and then get to the emotional damage and embarrassment to finish things.

With this mix of elements, Michigan bodily injury claims investigations are a must reduce the risks of fraud and embellishment. A detailed background check is a must for determining what the claimant has been doing pre and post loss. The limitations the claimant suffers from and emotional damage as well as the physical limitation are often easiest to verify through surveillance and a detailed examination of social media.

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