The Lost Art of Neighborhood Canvassing in Insurance Claims

In the internet age, one that accompanies the never ending quest to lower cost and do more with less, insurance claims investigations are relying on the internet, possibly too much. Now no one can can argue that internet profiling can be a highly powerful, effective tool for locating information that is usually not available anywhere else, and you can do it from your desk. Unfortunately, with those gains came a set back: the art of effective neighborhood canvassing in insurance claims has been lost in many areas. When real information from eye witnesses or people who have continued contact with a claimant, and may have been observing them for months or years since the loss, is needed, you can get that from a computer. Back in the 80’s, insurance investigators focused on the art of neighborhood canvassing. They spent time learning how to canvass and how to make people comfortable and get them to speak freely. They knew when to canvass and what to ask. Of late, the lack of emphasis on this vital technique is missing from many training programs and those conducting neighborhood canvasses are approaching it more like canvassing done by political campaigns than like police detectives. If you are looking for that old school expertise in your insurance claims neighborhood canvassing, contact one of our team. We specialize in neighborhood canvassing in insurance claims.