Insurance Fraud, Exaggerated Injury Claims Continue to Grow in 2013

One breakout growth industry these days is insurance fraud and exaggerated or fake injury claims lead they way. According to NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau) the past three years have seen an increase in the number of Questionable Claims referred to them by insurers grow from 91,652 to  116,171. Auto insurance claims lead the way followed by home owners claims and the workers compensation loses.  States like California, Florida, Texas, new York and Maryland account for the bulk of questionable claim referrals but smaller states like Kentucky, Vermont, Rhode Island and Maryland have seen the largest percentage growth. getting more specific, the top cities producing questionable claims are New York, Los Angles, Miami, Houston and Baltimore. Most frightening is the fact that falsified or exaggerated injury claims, like those we specialize in investigating, are the largest portion of the referrals.