Optimizing Casualty Surveillance

In the most recent edition of the Michigan Chapter of IASIU’s newsletter, our Dan Klimek and Brian Coykendall, both subject matter experts in the area of surveillance and proper insurance claims investigations, authored an exceptional piece on three simple ways of optimizing casualty surveillance opportunities on insurance claims in Michigan. The article focuses on video Optimizing Casualty Surveillance

Surveillance Plan Of Action

Does your private investigator give you an actual plan of action BEFORE they spend your money? Chances are, unless your go-to investigation agency is Sherlock Investigations, the answer is no. At Sherlock we think a little differently and a lot more frequently than most agencies. Before we commit  any of our client’s money, we develop Surveillance Plan Of Action

Michigan Insurance Fraud Costs Everyone

Who really pays the bill for insurance Fraud?  We all do: insurance companies, policy holders, taxpayers and the general public all end up paying through increased insurance rates, higher taxes, and inflated prices for consumer goods and services. NICB estimates that property and casualty based insurance fraud cost Americans $30 billion per year. In comparison, Michigan Insurance Fraud Costs Everyone