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Optimizing Casualty Surveillance

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Optimizing Casualty Surveillance

Monday, July 18th, 2016

In the most recent edition of the Michigan Chapter of IASIU’s newsletter, our Dan Klimek and Brian Coykendall, both subject matter experts in the area of surveillance and proper insurance claims investigations, authored an exceptional piece on three simple ways of optimizing casualty surveillance opportunities on insurance claims in Michigan. The article focuses on video clarity, video stability and proper surveillance positioning and how to maximize all three of these vital elements of great surveillance. We encourage you to give it a read and enjoy the benefits of optimizing casualty surveillance on your claims. Here is the newsletter url:


Sherlock Investigations is recognized as the leader in providing superior casualty surveillance investigations for the insurance defense community in Michigan. Each case entails a sophisticated plan of action, based on known, verified facts, newly developed intelligence and precise asset selection to give our clients consistently better results than other investigative providers.

Brian Coykendall is the Lead Surveillance Investigator at Sherlock Investigations. Brian is not only a seasoned expert at conducting surveillance, he is also the lead trainer for the surveillance teams and works on improving surveillance processes and reducing related risks.

Daniel Klimek, MS – Intelligence Analysis, is the Investigations Manager at Sherlock Investigations. Dan has planned and overseen thousands of surveillance operations and works directly with both the investigators and clients to design  investigations for optimal outcomes.

Surveillance Plan Of Action

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

Does your private investigator give you an actual plan of action BEFORE they spend your money? Chances are, unless your go-to investigation agency is Sherlock Investigations, the answer is no. At Sherlock we think a little differently and a lot more frequently than most agencies. Before we commit  any of our client’s money, we develop a detailed surveillance plan of action on each surveillance assignment. We not only calculate where to be, but when to be there and which assets we need to get you meaningful, actionable video more consistently. No guess work. No lost opportunities, No fishing expeditions.

At Sherlock, surveillance is intentional.

Surveillance plan of action

To learn more about how our free, customized plans of action can enhance our claims handling and decrease the amount of time a claim is open, call Ryan Cylkowski, Dan Klimek or Brian Coykendall today.

surveillance plan of action

Colder Weather Not A Factor in Michigan Casualty Claims Surveillance So Far This Year

Saturday, January 17th, 2015

Michigan in January can be bad. Last year alone, the cold, ice and snow was so sever that everyone suffered, the economy came off the rails and life here was anything but usual for several weeks. The good news is, thus far 2015 has little to resemble 2014. With only a few days reaching below the fifteen degree mark, life has been normal and operating as usual. Please are still shopping, going to school, attending IMEs,  recreating outdoors and very visible in public domain. In short, the casualty claims surveillance business in Michigan is red hot right now!

Here at Sherlock, we have made good use of this weather and achieved some excellent surveillance results. For some, there is the idea that January is just too cold and snowy to produce good insurance claims surveillance, but this year, that crowd is missing some great opportunities and allowing for some bad claims to move further along than they should.

If you have questions or concerns about the viability of claims surveillance at this time of year, we encourage you to call us. We can give you a detailed understanding of the opportunities and a variety of ways for you to potentially take advantage of the weather, as opposed to being a victim of it.

Sherlock Investigations: Michigan Casualty Claims Surveillance Experts

Michigan Insurance Fraud Costs Everyone

Monday, August 4th, 2014

Who really pays the bill for insurance Fraud?  We all do: insurance companies, policy holders, taxpayers and the general public all end up paying through increased insurance rates, higher taxes, and inflated prices for consumer goods and services.

NICB estimates that property and casualty based insurance fraud cost Americans $30 billion per year. In comparison, Hurricane Andrew’s devastation totaled $17 billion in damages. If you include other insurance lines like health, life and specialty insurance, the total cost of insurance fraud may exceed $120 billion annually. Michigan makes up a large part of this number as the abuse in the auto no-fault insurance (PIP) sector soars and auto theft continues to plague cities like Detroit, Flint and Muskegon. Michigan insurance fraud costs everyone.

Sherlock Investigations assists property and casualty carriers in Michigan by offering, unique, highly effective Michigan PIP claims investigations and casualty claims surveillance. For more information about our solutions, please call. Please visit us on social media via Facebook or LinkedIn.