Optimizing Casualty Surveillance

In the most recent edition of the Michigan Chapter of IASIU’s newsletter, our Dan Klimek and Brian Coykendall, both subject matter experts in the area of surveillance and proper insurance claims investigations, authored an exceptional piece on three simple ways of optimizing casualty surveillance opportunities on insurance claims in Michigan. The article focuses on video clarity, video stability and proper surveillance positioning and how to maximize all three of these vital elements of great surveillance. We encourage you to give it a read and enjoy the benefits of optimizing casualty surveillance on your claims. Here is the newsletter url.

Sherlock Investigations is recognized as the leader in providing superior casualty surveillance investigations for the insurance defense community in Michigan. Each case entails a sophisticated plan of action, based on known, verified facts, newly developed intelligence and precise asset selection to give our clients consistently better results than other investigative providers.

Brian Coykendall is the Lead Surveillance Investigator at Sherlock Investigations. Brian is not only a seasoned expert at conducting surveillance, he is also the lead trainer for the surveillance teams and works on improving surveillance processes and reducing related risks.

Daniel Klimek, MS – Intelligence Analysis, is the Investigations Manager at Sherlock Investigations. Dan has planned and overseen thousands of surveillance operations and works directly with both the investigators and clients to design  investigations for optimal outcomes.