Transportation Liability Claims

The key to using a professional investigative agency while handling transportation liability claims is to find an agency that understands the claims process and how to handle each phase of the claim in its own unique way.  We at Sherlock are utilized as an extension of the claim representative and the insurance carrier to find information that allows our clients to make informed decisions and formulate their next steps in the claims process.

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Within Sherlock is a dedicated team of investigative professionals that have honed their skills to meet the trucking and transportations industry’s specific needs. This team specializes in investigating the unique liability claims of transportation carriers, self-insured fleets and third-party administrators when facing a significant casualty exposure. Our understanding of the unique claims handling and litigation management requirements of transportation industry ensures that we are providing investigative solutions that fit into your processes and your litigation strategy.

In many instances, carriers have little to no meaningful information about the claimant upon which to make accurate, meaningful reserves let alone begin negotiations or attempt to stem the loses on a fraudulent claim. Sherlock has developed unique, tailored and highly actionable investigative services that do not require the use of surveillance, but still provide in depth information on the claimant. Of equal importance is the fact that everything we do for our clients is verified, legal and ethical.

Transportation liability claims

Whether you are simply looking for background information about a new claimant, looking for a deep dive social media profile of a claimant headed for litigation, looking for surveillance after a claimant’s deposition has been taken or one of the countless other approaches that can be taken, we have you covered.  Often times, our clients will utilize our services on the same claim, but at different points of that claims’ life cycle.  Having an investigative agency that is familiar with the claim, the claimant, and your unique approach to the handling of the claim can be a fantastic combination!

In an environment that is constantly changing, a general cynicism towards large corporations or insurance carriers and an ever-changing world of investigations, it is essential that you have an investigative agency at your disposal that is able to change and overcome any of these obstacles placed in their way.  Sherlock’s investigators are regularly updating and refining their investigations and their techniques to stay in sync and provide best practices at every step.

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We represent public and private transportation providers including fleet carriers, shuttle services, bus lines, taxi, and limousine service providers. We understand the unique issues companies that transport people face with respect to first- and third-party liability as well as subrogation. Our experience in this arena gives our clients a distinct advantage in obtaining a true understanding of the claimant’s health and abilities as well as in gathering evidence in defense of their case.

In short, Sherlock Investigations is the leader in transportation and trucking liability investigations that you would want at your disposal.

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  • Paul Dank and Sherlock are top notch for any investigative needs. They provide great value for the money spent and have provided me with outstanding results. Highly recommended.

  • Paul and his staff are very professional in their approach to servicing their clients – effecient, communicative and goal oriented. Sherlock has obtained some fantastic results that have led to quick and favorable claim resolutions

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