Surveillance remains the best option when investigating fraudulent casualty claims in Michigan

Technology may change. The way we live will change too. One thing that does not change is the fact that a claimant demonstrating his or her true abilities and capabilities is still the best option when investigating fraudulent casualty claims in Michigan. Yes, privacy is the number one concern when it come to surveillance, but the reality is that true professional private investigators know the limits and they always stay within the confines of the law. Period. No matter how much it might benefit an insurance carrier to have footage of some activity that demonstrates that a claimant is healthy, they would never want it. The reason is simple, it would get kicked out of court and they would come under tremendous public scrutiny and end up paying far more than they could have ever saved. So what is risk that a casualty claims surveillance will end up violating someones rights? It resides with the private investigator. When an insurance carrier selects a PI to conduct surveillance, the integrity, education, training and oversight of the PI is the key. The vast majority of private investigators know the law and follow it. Unfortunately some investigators have erred in judgement and crossed the line. At Sherlock Investigations, we aim to set the standard in professionalism and to serve as an example to the industry on producing great work product and protecting the rights of those we are charged to investigate.