Surveillance on IME Day

For those of you who prefer to schedule surveillance in conjunction with an IME, here are some quick tips to help improve the outcome.

Let us know if transportation is being provided. It makes it easier on the investigator when establishing our initial surveillance position but more importantly, some of the transportation companies will be looking for surveillance and may even tell the claimant they are being followed. We know who some of those bad apples are and can plan accordingly.

Try to schedule the IME between heavy traffic / rush hour times. With any of the major IME clinics located in congested areas like Southfield Michigan and Novi Michigan, rush hours can cause headaches and potentially cause a good investigator to lose a claimant in heavy surging traffic.

Lastly, request that the IME provider not move the schedule. Most medical practices try and compact the doctor’s schedule as much as possible and often times they will move the appointment time, but not tell you. We want the doc to be able to get to the golf course as soon as possible, but it might be better if this appointment stays put for the surveillance investigator.