Sherlock Employees Update Training

Attorney Daniel Bernard of Vercruysse, Murray & Calzone, P.C. leads Sherlock Investigation’s annual deposition and testimonial training event.


Sherlock Investigations was very pleased to have thirty year veteran attorney Daniel Bernard lead the team of investigators through a variety of training exercises designed to hone their skills through the practical application of real cases. Daniel Bernard applied his years of conducting depositions and trial cross examinations to challenge the investigators’ abilities to provide professional testimony. Mr. Bernard also took time to discuss the role of the professional investigator in a trial setting, refreshing the investigators existing knowledge base and expertise. Along with preparation for court testimony, the investigators were given hands on deposition training and provided with continuing education to enhance their ability to produce reports that are defensible in the court of law. This training event is one of many that Sherlock’s investigators take part in, enabling them to better serve the insurance community from beginning to end on any case.