Psychological Injury Claims

Investigating psychological injury claims may appear to be a difficult task when comparing to an individual who has made injury claims.  A Psychological injury claim can include everything from someone who has made claims of memory loss, a traumatic brain injury that results in the function or the performance of an individual.  As professionals, we are attempting to either verify or disprove these claims, which are much tougher then looking for physical illness.  Despite the barriers, the big differentiator is conducting human intelligence, where investigators make discreet contact with individuals who have known the subject before the claims and most importantly afterwards.  Inquiring about the functionality of someone before and after their psychological injury claims can answer several questions.  Certain topics that our investigators will consider are schooling; is their performance decreasing? or even playing sports; how productive are they while playing their sport after the fact? These are the answers that can be telling on how legitimate or credible someone is when making a claim like this.

As professionals in this industry, we have broadened our horizon from just physical claims and have investigated far more serious things, such as psychological injury claims.  This is not the first time we have dealt with such claims and when we do we are highly knowledgeable in how to proceed with them.  Not to mention, these claims reach as far as how active individuals are with their social media platforms and what the state of their web presence is when making the claim. There are several factors that we as professionals look into and most importantly thoroughly investigate with due diligence. If you need assistance investigating a psychological injury claim, contact the experts at Sherlock Investigations – (855) 989-2500!