Preparing for Surveillance

Preparing for surveillance isn’t just about making sure you have a full tank of gas and a fully charged camera.  For a field investigator, the preparation starts before the next assignment is even received.  In talking with industry veterans at Sherlock Investigations about their preparation for various field assignments, one thing is clear; they like to have lots of gear with them at all times.  Multiple changes of clothing for any event are a must, from formal attire, golf gear, bowling shoes, gym shorts, club wear along with different color shirts and hats – all to maintain the ability to not only blend in, but also continuously change their appearance during an outing.  The idea is to be prepared for wherever a claimant may go so that optimal footage can be obtained.  Surveillance vehicles are the live-in offices of these skilled investigators and they each know that the more prepared they are, the better chance they have at obtaining that case closing video.