More Holiday Travel Expected To Bring More Michigan Auto Accidents And More Fraud

AAA of Michigan predicts that 34.7 million Americans are expected to travel for the Labor Day holiday. They also indicate that the number of Americans projected to travel at least 50 miles from home over the holiday weekend is 1.3% higher than last year. Michigan will see much of that traffic as visitors from out of state come to visit and, as always, we will have a the usual migration of people traveling from Southeastern Michigan to “up north”. More holiday travel is expected to bring more Michigan auto accidents.

Michigan auto accident claims, both first party of auto no-fault claims and bodily injury or third party claims are wonderful at affording people financial relief for medical bills, lost wages and vehicle damages resulting from a Michigan auto accident, but they also bring a massive amount of fraud and embellishment. Auto no-fault fraud is one of the main reasons the Michigan has such high insurance rates. To learn more about how Sherlock Investigations is helping to fight insurance fraud, please visit our services page here.