Michigan Summer Road Repairs Can Complicate Casualty Surveillance

  With the kickoff of what appears likely to be a massive statewide road repair and reconstruction effort in Michigan this summer, the business of conducting casualty surveillance becomes a little harder.

As those familiar with the casualty claims business know, surveillance in Michigan almost always involves following a claimant as they travel by car. The vast majority of people in Michigan use a private automobile as their primary means of transportation. With the voters going to polls today to decide the fate of a massive new tax to fund road repair, and the last two winters being exceptionally rough on the roads, the expected number of construction sites will be big.

For the professional insurance investigator working on a PIP or Workers Compensation claims, this adds a level of planning and flexibility to deliver consistently good pursuit in this environment. Planning the surveillance and knowing the expected construction schedules is critical. It is also important the identify how the claimant may adjust their normal routes to get around construction areas and traffic congestion.

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