Is Surveillance Right for You?

Like many careers, being a surveillance investigator is not for everyone. Long hours sitting patiently, waiting and more waiting. Cold winters, excessively hot summers. No bathroom. Following someone inside a mall and having them look right at you. Following your subject in traffic congestion and not losing them. Once they get somewhere, you only have moments to get in position to film them. Having to deal with curious neighbors, police, weather and client deadlines. You are alone the vast majority of the time (excluding your support team who is always a telephone call away) But, when the action heats up, you get that thrill. That moment when you get footage of the subject doing what the claim they can’t and it makes it well worth it. If you thrive on the chase and prefer to work alone, a career as a surveillance investigator might be right for you. For more information on surveillance investigator positions in Michigan, please visit our career opportunities page.