Is Michigan Auto No Fault Law Nearing a Change

The popular and costly Michigan Auto No-Fault law appears one step closer to undergoing some legislative changes. The Michigan GOP has released it’s Action Plan and among the items of interest to reform is the Auto No Fault law. Currently in Michigan the Auto No Fault law or PIP (personal injury protection) law affords lifetime medical coverage to victims along with some other additional coverage’s like wage loss and attendant care. Key to Republican law makers is the desire to reign in the amount of money that must be paid for services like attendant care and replacement services. More importantly is the desire to reduce the amounts that hospitals and doctors can charge auto carriers for the services they provide. It appears that these services are charged at much higher rates than are charged to medicare or traditional health insurance carriers. These high dollar expenditures are seen be some to be a driving factor in the high cost of coverage in Michigan. Michigan Auto No Fault investigations is one Sherlock’s areas of focus and expertise.