Investigating Insurance Fraud in Michigan

What many people don’t realize is that insurance fraud costs the average family in Michigan $100 to $200 per year in additional insurance premiums paid out to those who cheat the insurance carriers. Those who file fraudulent or embellished auto no-fault claims, fake workers compensation claims and liability claims like slip and falls all take that money directly out of your pocket. There is an additional cost to you through higher prices charged for the good and services you receive because all Michigan businesses pay insurance premiums that are higher than they need to be due to insurance fraud.

Sherlock Investigations is on the front lines of the fight against insurance fraud in Michigan by offering services like surveillance of suspect casualty claimants and background checks that help uncover fraud. For more information on insurance fraud in Michigan and what you can do about it, we recommend you visit the Michigan Insurance Fraud Awareness Coalition. This is a great group sponsored by elements of the insurance community that aims to educate citizens about insurance fraud and to help you to report instances of fraud that you might become aware of.