Holiday Surveillance Produces Unique Opportunities

One thing that the Holiday Season produces a lot of is diversity. For almost everyone the holiday season creates many activities and changes everyone’s schedules and patterns of activity. This can lead to some frustration for the investigator in the field, but also creates many unique opportunities to observe a claimant doing something that they normally would not, but that is certainly something they could skip if actually injured. One easy and frequent scenario is the marathon shopping trip in which a claimant and friends or family will walk, stand, shop and carry things for hours at a time. These trips are sometimes difficult to monitor as claimants travel from store to store, but they do clearly demonstrate someones true capabilities and limitations. Some other frequently encounter scenarios include hanging outdoor decorations, attending holiday parties, and engaging in charity work. These opportunities can be exceptional especially when dealing with a claimant who may require attendant care and replacement services as part of a Michigan first party auto no fault claim or PIP claim.