From the Investigator: Sherlock’s Most Unique Cases – Sean

Sherlock Investigation’s Most Unique Cases

With one year at Sherlock Investigations, Sean Taig is a newcomer to the field of private investigations. Sean is currently pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice through Schoolcraft College. As an avid reader and a Wall Street enthusiast, Sean begins each day indulging in business newsletters. His favorite film is “Interstellar” by director Christopher Nolan, whom he considers a visionary in the film industry. This series aims to address the unique circumstances that Private Investigators run into, as well as the impressionable outcomes that many of our cases hold. Let’s get to know our second interviewee, Sean, a little more!

How did you get into surveillance?

Surveillance and investigative work have always been a big interest of mine. For as long as I can remember, I have been doing puzzles, trying to solve riddles, and as I grew older I became very interested in the crime scene style T.V. shows. Given these things I thought it would be a good decision to choose a career in investigative work, so here I am!

What is your opinion of the career now versus what you used to think the job entailed? How does your view differ from the public view of the job?

There are many different surveillance opportunities out there and I’m sure they all offer a variety of different experiences. Before I began working with Sherlock Investigations I already had a pretty good idea of what to expect due to the fact that someone close to me was in the field already. I used to think that the job was going to offer nothing but fun and intrigue. I quickly learned that it can also be extremely frustrating at times. For instance, when you’re conducting mobile surveillance and circumstances outside your control keep getting in your way. Such as: changing lights, slow drivers, being cut off by other drivers, and heavy traffic that causes you to lose your claimant. All things considered, a career in surveillance is an excellent one.

Often, when I tell people that I am a private investigator, they get super excited and they think of stakeouts and trench coats. A response I get frequently is “that’s so cool” or “that’s so interesting”, and while they aren’t wrong, people often don’t think about the reality of it all – which is sitting around waiting for something to happen! There are some days where you can sit at a location for a full eight hours with no activity and others where the claimant is active when you arrive! So yes, there are going to be boring times but when the good is good, it’s real good!

Are there any cases you worked on, that come to mind as very “unique “? Why is that?

Occasionally we will work cases where we have to track packages of fraudulently purchased goods. In my opinion those are my favorite and most unique cases. In most cases, you wait for the package(s) to be delivered and then it’s go time! After that it’s non-stop moving and tracking, working with other investigators and occasionally the local police to stay on top of it. Needless to say, these types of cases are very exciting.

What is one of your most successful “wins” as an investigator? A case where you made a positive difference in outcome.

During the summer I had a case where the claimant admitted to having multiple different back issues. Per these issues, the claimant was not supposed to be able to stand, walk or run for long periods of time. Well unlucky for them, I was able to obtain video footage of the claimant on their front porch doing some pretty extreme stretching. The type of stretching you would most definitely not be able to do with these kinds of claims. THEN, they went for a run! And where did they run to you ask? The gym! Unfortunately, I was not made aware of the continuing status of this case, but I would like to think that my video footage was a done deal and a case closer!

What is your advice for other or aspiring investigators?

I personally beat myself up A LOT if I am unfortunate enough to lose a claimant. One thing you must understand if you are working this job is that there are so many things outside of your control that work against you when conducting mobile surveillance. Yes, it’s a terrible feeling when you lose somebody but sometimes there is nothing you can safely do. It is always better to let them go and pick them up later or try again another day than to stay tight on their rear and have them catch on to you. All you can do is to do your absolute best, and at the end of the day if you can look back and say honestly that you gave it your all – that’s what is important.

What is your advice for our clients or potential clients on expectations for each case?

With Sherlock Investigations, you are going to get the best product possible. We pride ourselves in providing quality with the circumstances and information we are provided. We are taught to work as if the client is sitting in our passenger seat. Not only does that hold us personally accountable but we hold each other accountable by the same standard. We have a system here and we are not afraid to call each other out if in fact something is out of line. Bottom line is simply that Sherlock Investigations will strive for a high-quality product at a reasonable price.