Fall Surveillance in Michigan Presents Unique Opportunities

Fall surveillance in Michigan presents unique opportunities to obtain video of claimants demonstrating their true physical abilities for long periods of time, outside in public domain. For many Michigan casualty claimants who have a residence to care for, fall is that time when a number of things need to be done to prepare for winter that are physically challenging and take place outside. One thing that most of these activities have in common is that they require one to be in fairly good condition to perform them. Many involve lifting and moving heavy objects, an easy way for one to injure or re-injure themselves. Raking is another which is taxing on the back. A third involves using a ladder which should only be done by those in good shape. Here is our list of those activities that we frequently document claimants performing while we conduct fall surveillance in Michigan:

Aerating the lawn (pushing and pulling)

Fertilizing the lawn (pushing and pulling)

Cutting the grass (pushing and pulling)

Raking leaves (pulling, bending, lifting and carrying)

Fall planting (bending, stooping, carrying)

Pruning branches (reaching, pulling, using ladders, carrying)

Winterizing sprinklers (bending, stooping)

Cleaning gutters (using ladders, stretching, lifting)

Holiday decorating (using ladders, lifting carrying, bending)

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