Costly fraud necessitates need for increase Michigan attendant care claims surveillance

Last month the Louisiana Attorney General’s office charged 20 personal care attendants with insurance fraud as part of Medicare fraud scheme. As more law enforcement attention is being focused on attendant care fraud within the scope of Medicare abuse, in PIP states like Michigan, attendant care fraud and abuse is an ever present part of first party no-fault claims. What is truly troublesome about attendant care fraud and abuse in Michigan is how quickly the attendant care bills can get into the six figures, thus costing auto insurance carriers a significant amount of money which is passed on to everyone who purchases auto insurance.

One of the most effective tools that a first party PIP carrier has in fighting this type of fraud is through the effective use of Michigan attendant care claims surveillance. In these cases, the carrier needs to hire a private investigator who is able to watch either the PIP claimant or the attendant care provider. Often times, these care providers and claimants will over state the amount of care being provided in an effort to defraud the insurance company in small amounts, over and over again. Effective, well planned surveillance performed by expert private investigators will clearly demonstrate exactly what the claimant and the care giver are up to. In Michigan, Sherlock Investigations is the intelligent choice for professional Michigan attendant care claims surveillance.