Asbestos Claims Investigations on the Rise

Asbestos Claims Investigations on the rise as the baby boomers move into retirement age. As the largest generation moves into retirement mode, they are being met with high bills, an end to earnings, insecurity about the ability for their money to make more money and the inevitable medical issue that we all face later in life. For those who worked in a wide variety of blue collar roles, they may have been exposed to asbestos. When that is the case and the exposure has manifest into an actual medical condition, it is natural for a claim to arise. For other from this generation, years of smoking, hard living, poor diet and exposure to pollution are also potential causes of medical conditions, but when you see hundreds of television commercials each month offering legal compensation, for something that may or may not have happened many years ago and are difficult to disprove, filing a speculative claim had great appeal. From the UK to the Australia and back to the US, asbestos claims are on the rise and the need for the defendant organizations to conduct through asbestos claims investigations along with them. Determining true current levels of activity and actual demonstrated health, locating witnesses and verifying job duties (and potential for exposure) are all part of responsible claims administrations. At Sherlock Investigations we have seen a substantial rise in the number of asbestos claims investigations year to year. If you are involved in the defense of asbestos claims or the related asbestos litigation, contact our team. We can help. 888-989-2800